My struggle and how I'm working on fixing it.

Lets face it playing games as isn't the most healthy sport out there. Long periods of sitting usually with poor posture. Poor eating habits and heavy drinking for myself didn't help matters either.

I used to be a very active individual. I wrestled in high school, I was in the National Guard for seven years and generally spent most of the spring and summer outside. But after my enlistment contract was up I fell into a downward spiral. I didn't have the requirement to be in shape for my monthly PT test, an army test on push-ups, sit-ups and a 2 mile run anymore. So I stopped working out. We would brag about how much better we did than some individual. I had also challenged the guys that I looked after to do better than me.


I still needed the feeling of saying I'm better than someone though. So I turned to something I had been doing since I could remember, gaming. I loved the feeling of going 20-25 matches in multiplayer and not losing. I loved going up by 30 in a capture the flag game. It was like a drug to me. So much so that it strain the relationship with my wife. But my marriage wasn't the only thing that was taking a turn.

My health was headed in the wrong direction. I would sit in my basement and play for five to six hours a night. After dinner to way past midnight. All the while drinking a ton of beer or if I was out of beer then Jack and Cokes. My diet wasnt great either. Usually three or four Mountian Dew bottles at work and three cans at the house. Things escalated rather quickly.


When I got out of the army in 2012 I was sitting at 5-7 165 lbs. Great shape almost the best I have ever been in. To where I was two months ago at 232 and a flight of stairs kicked my ass. The last straw was when I put on, read tried to, a pair of pants I had bought two months prior a size 42 and they were tight. I thought what the hell am I doing to myself this isn't me and I'm not comfortable what what I see in the mirror anymore.

I quit smoking on 07June2013 so my son could have his father past his 20's unlike myself. I stopped drinking soda in February. I haven't been in a McDonald's in years. All so I can enjoy a long life with my son. This weight isnt going to help achieve that either. So I headed back to the gym and I'm starting to get back to where I need to be. So far I'm down 20 lbs and still going strong. I feel so much better than I used to and I've reached the point where people who see me every day notice. But I still have my favorite past time I play a lot less only from 830-11 now due to having to wake up at a quarter to six so I can go to the gym.


I hope my story helps. I hope that if you are sitting there thinking the same thing I was that there is a better you inside and you dont have to struggle with your weight to just go for extra walk everyday. Even if you are on your feet everyday still go. I spend all day on my feet at work cleaning in a hospital my phones pedometer says I walk 17,000 steps a day, you be the judge on how accurate that actually is I'm skeptical though. Don't use work as an excuse to not go. You will thank yourself later I know I certainly am.

EDIT: Had to add this line in so that the third paragraph made a little more sense and also fixed a random enter key stroke.

We would brag about how much better we did than some individual. I had also challenged the guys that I looked after to do better than me.


If you need any help or extra motivation please feel free to contact me on Twitter @deadecho25

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