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Reading hasn’t always been one of my favorite things to do. In fact during high school I despised it. As an example we had to read The Hobbit in one of my English classes in the 10th grade. Until the movies came out recently I had no idea there was a dragon in it.


That was the case until March of 2008. There I was sitting in a tower on the border of a newly internationally recognized country in Kosovo and it’s former country Serbia. Looking out into nothing guarding the foward operating base, FOB, against rabbits. This was my hell. No games just darkness and cigarettes. Night vision goggles were useless because of the lights in the FOB and we didn’t have any thermal so we were just sitting up there so that it deters an attack. There was three books that were left from the last company at the FOB so I thought to myself, “either I become a chain smoker or I smoke my normal amount while reading.”

I read those three books twice in that month. “The King of Torts,” was my favorite novel of the three. It happens to be the only one I remember the title for as well. I remember the stories of the other two but the titles are escaping me.


But now I have big issue. I love to read but don’t have anyone to help share it with. My wife likes romantic novels, not my kind of thing. What I want to do is start a TAY book club. They will be available digitally for less than $5 or $10 depending on how people feel. Hopefully we can talk bimonthly about the book and share what we like and dislike about them. I’m open to suggestions on what to read or if you think this is a terrible idea.

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